30MnSi Twisted Prestressed Concrete Steel Bar Iron Rod For Concrete
Time : 2022-07-20

FOR Korea and VIETNAM 12.6MM PC STEEL BAR Twisted Prestressed Concrete Steel Bar Iron Rod For Concrete


Shandong Zhuosheng steel Co.,Ltd. belongs to Shandong Iron and Steel Group, who is a Comprehensive Steel Mill with downstream processing which includes steel products fall into different industries like Shipbuilding, Mining, Construction and Wind power & Solar power.


PC Steel Bar is one of our major products involves in construction industry, it is mainly used on PHC( High strength prestressed concrete pipe pile), Concrete Spun Pile, telegraph Pole, telecome Pole etc..


Besides domestic market, we also export to Korea,Vietnam, Malaysia,Indonesia,ect foreign countries. 


We are the FIRST and ONLY offcially approved manufacturer to produce PC bar accordings to Japanese Industrial Standards. 

Our Advantages :

1) We complete fully production process from Iron making-Steel making-Steel rolling-High Speed Wire Rod-PC Bar Processing-Finished Products.

2) Well control quality of Raw material , as we use the raw material wire rod from own steel factory.

3) 68 prodcution lines with fastest delivery time.

4) Competitive price and good reputation in the Industry.



PC steel bar information:


1, Technical parameters of PC BAR


Nominal diameter7.1mm 9.0mm 10.7mm 12.6mm
Production standardMS1138:PART 3
Tensile strength≥ 1420Mpa
Yield strength≥ 1280Mpa
Elongation≥ 7.0%
Relaxation≤ 2.0%
Straightness≤ 2mm/m
Material30MnSi  , 30Si2Mn,  35Si2Mn ,  35Si2Cr
Weight per coil1ton-2ton


2, Chemical composition (%) of PC BAR –Material 30MnSi




3, Other info about PC bar:


Production standard

JIS G 3137 SBPDL 1275/1420  


MS1138:PART 3 

SNI 7701:2016

PackingTied with at least 8 steel strips per coil, wrapped with PP woven or stretch film
Coil weightApprox. 0.9MT and 1.3MT
Diameter of CoilInside Dia.:1.99m Outside Dia.:2.3m Height:18cm
ApplicationPre-stressed concrete pile /Spun piles /Poles

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